When driving through Detroit, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Always know which parts of the city are safe and which ones are not. The video you are about to see highlights an area you should definitely avoid as it is considered one of the most violent areas on the east side of Detroit.

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The video was filmed on a beautiful sunny day in 2022. However, it features an area of Detroit that is anything but beautiful. I'm sure it was beautiful at one time but now it sits nearly abandoned and is said to be one of Detroit's most violent areas.

While I'm sure there are some wonderful people that are forced to live on some of these streets, it's not an area that you should ever travel to.

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Once again, the footage that you're about to see is courtesy of Youtuber, Charlie Moore. Moore is a former Detroit Police officer that travels all around the country filming some of the most dangerous cities and neighborhoods. He doesn't talk or play music during his videos, he just drives around with the windows down.

Moore's background as an officer taught him how to handle certain people and situations appropriately. He told The Atlantic, that it "teaches you how to deal with some people that others may kind of fear, and you learn a way to deal with them that doesn’t really scare you."

Last year Moore took a drive through Flint, Michigan, and highlighted some of the city's most dangerous streets at night. You can watch that video, here.

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Abandoned Lee Plaza, Detroit

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