As any parent will tell you when your child is sick and seeing them not feeling good is one of the worst feelings. Wanting more than anything to switch places with them just to take any pain away and having them smile again.

Tony Adkins who is a doctor at a children's hospital in Orange County is doing something out of the box to bring those smiles back. He dances with them. Yes, dancing. An unusual and unorthodox style but nun the less it does help the children who are sick get those smiles back even for a short period of time.

The saying goes laughter is the best medicine. One of his patients who was recovering after a surgery last year was feeling down and Adkins busted out in some dance moves that made the patient feel just a little better. Ever since then he has been dancing with his patients as a form of treatment, and it is making a difference. Hats off to the dancing doctor. Keep doing your thing by bringing those smiles back one patient at a time.

Source: Good Morning America via YouTube




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