With many people having just been laid off, Dollar General is looking to hire right now.

It is definitely a tough time for many people out there. The coronavirus outbreak has shut down a lot of places and sent a huge number of workers home. However, some places have been deemed "essential" or "critical" and need to stay open during this pandemic and Dollar General is one of them.

To keep up with the demand during the outbreak, Dollar General is looking to hire around 50,000 employees, which is great news for anyone that may have just lost their job. Most of these jobs are anticipated to be temporary, but some may transform into permanent. If you or someone you know is looking for a job during this tough time, apply here. 

Dollar General is just one of the many places hiring in the area. They join DominosWalmart, Kroger, Amazon, Aldi, and More. If you know of more places hiring, let us know.

Source: USA Today

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