If there is one thing we can agree on it is that potholes in our area are horrible. Domino's Pizza understands that and is willing to fix some potholes for the sake of your pizza. 

On Monday, Michigan-based Domino's Pizza announced something awesome that we can all get behind. In an effort to keep your pizza safe during transportation they have begun a paving for pizza campaign. The pizza chain is paying for potholes to be fixed all across the country. They have already begun their quest in Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Del.; Athens, Ga.; and Burbank, California. Once the potholes are fixed, they mark them with a stamp saying "Oh yes we did" along with their logo.

I think this is a great outreach campaign for the company. Now, we just have to get them in Flint, God knows we have enough potholes to keep them busy for awhile. You can nominate Flint here. 

Sources: MLive via YouTube and Paving for Pizza