Genesee County officials are saying that voter turnout will be low today, don't let them be right.

There are four candidates on the ballot for Flint Mayor (the two winners will go on to face each other in November's election) and a number of other local issues for Flint and the surrounding areas are being decided today. If you don't vote -- you don't get to complain when Flint gets ruined by the outcome of this election.

Seriously, we can't stress enough how important this is. There is a convicted murderer (Wantwaz Davis) and a controversial City Councilman (Eric Mays) running for Mayor of Flint. Years of bad press for being America's most violent city or "Murdertown U.S.A." have already given Flint a bad enough reputation. Imagine how bad it will be if a guy that served 19 years in prison for murder or a guy that was caught drunk with 4-flat tires on I-475 becomes our mayor. After you've imagined those horrifying scenarios -- get your ass in a car and go vote! Polls close at 8p.

Below are videos of the candidates selling you on their plans for the city. We put the two serious candidates at the top.

Dayne Walling -- Current Mayor

Platform: Promises to continue to bringing in new investments, grants, etc. Also looks to reduce crime rates, job creation, improve water quality, and reduce water rates.

Problem: The whole water debaucle is still a very big thorn in the sides of many Flint residents, which will likely hurt Walling's credibility simply because it happened while he was in office.

Karen Weaver -- Doctor, Hurley Board of Managers

Platform: Wants to engage "all sectors of the community," create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, improve water quality/affordability.

Problem: While she has an impressive resume in the medical field, Weaver doesn't have much in the way of political experience.

Wantwaz Davis -- City Councilman, Convicted Murderer

Platform: Plans to bring manufacturing jobs to Flint (despite an inability to pronounce "manufacturing"), which will increase the tax base and solve most of our issues.

Problem: If it were that easy to bring in a ton of manufacturing jobs, we would have done that when those jobs started pulling out of town decades ago. Right?

Eric Mays -- City Councilman, Running Joke

Platform: Has a background in Political Science and Law, is "well-read," has "relationships that are good around the county" and has proven that he can "read and write and use the pen." Also thinks we need more jobs, detectives and undercover police officers.

Problem: Much like every time Mays speaks, this video turns in about 8 different, incoherent directions without providing any real substance. However, if you somehow need to hear more from Councilman Mays, he gives out his phone number in the video and invites you to call him. No bulls---! Also, It feels like we'd be doing a disservice to the community if we don't mention his extremely checkered recent past here.

Remember, if you don't vote -- you don't get to complain when someone takes all the progress Flint has made in the past few years and flushes it down the toilet.

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