Earlier this month, we pointed out that there were some city councilmen (and women) elected with very interesting backgrounds -- most notably, the two convicted felons now on board. This morning, one of them proved why you don't elect a felon to city council. Find out which one and get all the ridiculous details here.

Flint made national news earlier this month, unfortunately it was the same type of negative stuff that always gets us in headlines outside of "The Mitten." Two men with criminal backgrounds (one of whom was a convicted murderer) had somehow slipped by voters and were elected to city council. Even the pros over at MLive, who actually published an article for each ward called "Everything you need to know about the ___ ward city council race," somehow missed that info. They later apologized for the epic news fail.

First Ward Councilman Eric Mays, who was previously convicted of felonious assault in 1987, was quickest to prove to Flint voters that they made the wrong call, as he was arrested this morning (November 30th) for a number of reasons.

According to NBC 25, police received a call about a vehicle driving in the wrong direction on southbound I-475 at around 2:50a. Following up on the call, Flint Police found Mays attempting to change four flat tires on Carpenter Rd near 475, where Genesee Township Police were already on the scene. Shortly after, he was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and possession of Marijuana. He also refused to be fingerprinted and did not have proof of insurance.

Mays is likely just about to be released after sleeping it off in Flint City Lockup. We'll update the story when more details are available. I said it before and I'll say it again -- Flint will never be able to bounce back if we keep electing clowns like this.

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