If you thought you had or are having a bad day, this guys day was much worse.

A doorbell camera captured the moment Jerel Heywood of Oklahoma, was bit in the face by a snake. Reports indicate the snake was wrapped around a porch light before going for Heywood's face. As you will see in the video, Heywood then goes into his friends home asking to be taken to the hospital.

Lucky for Jerel, the snake was not venomous and he is said to be doing okay. As for the snake, it was killed by another neighbor. Homeowner Rodney Copeland, plans on taking steps to keep other snakes away. I am not sure how one does that, but I certainly hope whatever he does works.

Talk about once bitten, twice shy! I would have freaked the hell out. Have you ever been bitten by someone, I mean something? If so, what?




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