Usually, when you hear about someone crashing through a building with their vehicle, you automatically assume they were drunk or fell asleep but that wasn't necessarily the case in this situation.

According to ABC12, an SUV barrelled into the Dawn Donuts shop at the intersection of Clio Road and Pasadena Avenue in Flint around 6:30 pm on Monday. An employee and a customer inside the business were injured, but it was not immediately clear how seriously they were hurt.

One person got hit by the SUV and was pinned between the vehicle and the inside wall. That is honestly one of my worst fears, it just seems terrifying to me. Luckily the person was able to walk away.

Apparently, the driver had some sort of medical situation going on which caused her to slam through the building.

It would be crazy as hell to just be sitting there having coffee and donuts and all of a sudden someone comes blasting through the wall.