The jackpot for Dumber Than The Show Trivia cracked the four-digit mark this morning. Hot Wings took on listener Adam for $1,000.

Adam took up quite a bit of time and passed on a couple of questions in his round. Hot Wings struggled as well and asked for several rereads during the round. In their defense, the questions were a bit difficult this morning.

The questions were:

  1. Actor David Selznick was fined $5,000 for using what four-letter word in a 1939 film?
  2. What are the last three words of 'God Bless America?'
  3. In what European capital city would you find the Luxembourg Palace next to the Luxembourg Gardens?
  4. Which person, who moved in just four months before leaving office, was the first to live in the White House?
  5. What does the acronym "COD" mean when stamped on a package?

Check out the video to see who won and what the pot will be tomorrow morning on The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.

Source: FBHW

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