The jackpot was up to $400 this morning for Dumber Than The Show Trivia on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.

Listener Woody took on Hot Wings for the money. If you were listening, you could tell there was a bit of confusion, for lack of a better term, in the absence of Free Beer. Joe was reading the questions today, which actually worked out better than him actually playing. He has taken a few losses over the last few weeks.

The questions were:

  1. Named for a U.S. state, what brand of iced tea was created in 1992 by a couple of guys from Brooklyn, New York?
  2. This french heroine was declared a national symbol of France by Napolean Bonaparte in 1803?
  3. New York City's George Washington Bridge crosses what river?
  4. What famous prison did Al Capone serve his tax evasion sentence in?
  5. What compound is the active ingredient in smelling salts?

Check out the video to see who won and what the pot will be tomorrow.

Source: FBHW