Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet?

This past Saturday I was at Tilted Axis Brewing Company  and saw a group costume that I thought was really unique. It actually is two costumes if you switch one of letters out and most important it is super cheap to make. Say hello to 'WTF' and 'DTF'.

Genius! All you need is three people total for this costume, cardboard, string and a marker. I absolutely love this. Sometimes the simplest costumes are the most creative and fun. That being said, unfortunately this group effort did not take first place prize in the costume contest, but they certainly got my vote.

I hope to see a group in this costume at the the Machine Shop on Saturday, October, 27th for the annual Ironsnake Halloween Party. There will be a costume contest. I am telling you this 'WTF-DTF' costume makes everyone LOL.



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