Am I right in thinking that Halloween is more fun for adults than kids. Reason #1 is alcohol (duh), and as an adult you can dress up in whatever you want or be whoever you want. Win, win, win.

A majority of the employees at the radio station dressed up today. I was Dolly Parton, as you can see in the picture above. I chose to wear a less revealing dress since I am at work after all. Maybe I should have gone full cleavage to take first place? I'll save that for the annual Christmas party.

Chris Monroe (far right) is dressed up as a fellow co-worker. Can you spot Tony LarBrie? Me either, Tony did not dress up. BOO! However, he did bring forks to the potluck lunch. Thanks to Tony we did not have to eat with our hands like last year. Speaking of the potluck, I am happy to report I did not find any hair in my food. So far Halloween is pretty kick ass. Cheers!

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