You never know exactly what you're going to see when you go to a music festival, especially one where there's a distinct possibility that there will be some pretty hardcore drug use. You never want anyone to have a bad time or go through a "bad trip," but those things tend to happen when you don't take care of yourself. But what happens if say, someone inadvertently poops all over you? That's not something the normal concert-goers are prepared for.

That may have just happened at Electric Forest over the weekend in Rothbury, Michigan at the Double JJ Resort. One woman who belongs to an Electric Forest group recently posted that this incident happened to one of their friends, along with some advice for festival organizers:
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Whoever pooped on my friend… at the Sherwood stage show just now (Pretty sure one of two on shoulders near us. Very tall people and there's poop all down my friend) like wtf man.. but you good? Just not very cool and pretty rank.  He not only got poop on his arm but a new $90 vendor shirt he happily got compliments on all day. Had to abandon his hiking shoes too because they too, got poop on them. He’s bummed.
She went on to say that if you saw/picked up brown hiking shoes on the ground on the way out...abandon them and wash your hands. She also had gripes with the medical tent saying that they didn't have antibacterial soap available and she had to go find some at the pancake shop nearby.

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