Hey, no one wants to hear that production at their favorite weiner company has been impacted because of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case at Koegel Meats off Bristol Road near Bishop Airport in Flint.

According to WNEM, several employees at Koegel Meats recently tested positive for COVID-19.

John Koegel said everyone is doing okay and that the employees were asymptomatic. We're not clear if they had to stop production or for how long if they did.

The Koegel Meat Company has been around for a really long time, I'm talking since the early 1900s. Think about that for a minute, Koegel Meats has been around for over 100 years.

According to Koegel Meats, Albert Koegel came to the Flint area in 1916 to start his own business. Albert's dream turned into reality after talking with a salesman from Armour Foods. The salesman told Mr. Koegel that if he moved to Flint, that he would stand a good chance of making the business work, due to the projected growth of the automobile industry. Well, he was right.

By the mid-1930s, Albert had built up enough business to construct a plant to produce his meat products. He employed just a handful of workers, nothing compared to the nearly one hundred people employed today. As the number of employees increased, so did sales and the product line.

The plant that's located on Bristol has been in operation since 1972.

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