It's the greatest drunk driving case in the history of Flint... or at least the most entertaining. Flint City Councilman / Local Comedian Eric Mays went all out in his own defense yesterday (5/22) and you'll just have to see it for yourself.

Mays continues to maintain his innocence and claims that his DUI arrest is a "conspiracy," even though he made those arguments a little less believable in an interview he probably shouldn't have done with our sister station WFNT yesterday morning before court proceedings began. Mays also decided to represent himself as oppose to having one of Flint's most well-known and successful attorneys (Frank J. Manley) because he has "watched a lot TV" involving court cases... for real. He said that.

Councilman Mays continued his "soap-boxing" in the first day of proceedings, most notably by removing his dentures to reinforce his claims that they interfered with his breathalyzer test. He also denied the arresting officer's claims that Mays admitted he was out drinking Grey Goose Vodka with a former Flint Mayor in celebration of his recount election victory .

We'll bring you more details after the trial continues on May 30th, because we seriously can't get enough of this.

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