Let's take a look at some of former Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander's career accomplishments:

  • World Series ring
  • All-Star game starter
  • Smoking hot wife
  • Multiple no-hitters
  • Two-time Cy Young Award winner

The future Hall of Fame pitcher now has two Cy Young Awards for the best pitcher in the American League. Verlander edged out teammate Garrit Cole in this year's voting. Verlander led the MLB in wins this year with 21 and struck out 300 batters for the first time in his career. He also passed the 3,000 mark for strikeouts in his what will be a Hall of Fame career.

Say what you want about the Tigers trading Verlander and not really getting much back for him back in 2017. The Tigers have not done much lately and to send off a pitcher like him to a contender so he could get a World Series ring is tough for us Tigers fans. However, I sit back and give him a standing ovation. The dude deserves it.

We had our chances with Verlander on the mound and couldn't get it done. So stop all the hate on him cause I guarantee you when he goes into Cooperstown he will be going in as a Tiger.

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