The Evans Blue fans came out of the woodwork last night and led them to a victory over Chevelle. Now The Cockfight becomes a battle of Flint-town favs as Fair to Midland enters the ring.

  • 'Whiskey & Ritalin'

    Fair to Midland

    The alt-prog rockers from Texas are back with the second offering from 'Arrows and Anchors'. 'Whiskey & Ritalin' explores new avenues of the FTM sound as well as one of my favorite combos. The band comes out swinging with one of their hardest riffs to date which is counter-balanced by Darroh's vocal harmonies and a driving bass-line.

  • 'This Time It's Different'

    Evans Blue

    That's actually a pretty good answer for the question "What does the new Evans Blue sound like?". Their latest single adds new textures to the EB sound in a way that won't turn off their core fans, but will definitely find them some new ones as well. The band is hoping for the new album to be out by December 20th.