With only weeks left to live members of this family finally found out what was killing them over a period of more than 6 years.

The Munson family who lives in Wisconsin has endured so much over the years including wounds that refused to heal, bleeding ulcers, a paralyzed stomach, never-ending migraines, a ruptured colon, chronic sinus infections and more. Melissa Munson literally had only weeks left to live according to her doctor.

According to ABC12, their doctor had a feeling it had to be something in their home that was causing so many problems because they discovered a weakness in the brain which is caused by something in the atmosphere. It turns out there was a gas leak in the home that was coming up into one of the bedrooms and into the bathroom.

For over 6 years they dealt with all of this because of a freakin' gas leak. This is something that could happen to anyone. It's really just a good reminder to have your home tested.

Melissa wrote a memoir chronicling their failing health and their search for answers. You can purchase the book here.


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