Our friends at Black Tie Productions had the party roamer in the crowd all day at Loudwire Live 2018, snapping a ton of pics -- see them all here.

If you made it the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center to see Loudwire Live 2018, chances are you ran into our good friends from Black Tie Productions. Craig and the crew always make it out to our shindigs and do a great job with a whole host of things -- sound, lighting, photo booths, etc. They really do it all.

They had their Party Roamer on hand all day at Loudwire Live, cruising the grounds and snapping pictures, capturing all of you fine people in the crowd, having a blast. You may have even seen some of their pics up on the big screen at the show.

If you were one of those who struck a pose for Black Tie, or you just like seeing pictures of party people doing what they do best -- party -- you can check out all the action they captured with the party roamer throughout the day in the gallery below.

Just a heads up -- there are a LOT of photos here, but most were uploaded in chronological order. So if they were taken early in the day, they'll probably be towards the top. Happy hunting.

Party Roamer Pics Loudwire Live 2018

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