Banana Listener Nick Hoadley won the honor of introducing 10 Years in front of thousands of people at Loudwire Live 2018. Did he freak out or emerge like a boss? Watch for yourself.

Thanks to Elderly Instruments of Lansing, Nick was the winner of our contest, which not only landed him a sweet ass guitar autographed by 10 Years and tickets to the show, but he also got to take the main stage at Loudwire, grab the mic, and bring out the boys in the band. We were fortunate enough to have the video production wizards over at DnA Design Company on site to capture the whole thing on film.

As a guy with some limited experience doing these things, I can say that it's pretty nerve-racking facing a crowd of that size, but Nick crushed it. He kept his intro short and sweet, which is a very smart move when you're facing a crowd that large for the first time.

Jealous? Well, all I can tell you is to listen more often for your chance to win something cool like this. We give away cool stuff all the time and all you have to do to be in the know is listen to the station, follow us on social media, and visit the website from time to time. Hell, we even have a free app that makes it super easy for you to win. Good luck!

Winner Intros 10 Years @ Loudwire Live 2018

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