10 Years Meet & Greet Loudwire Live 2018

A group of lucky Banana winners got to go backstage and meet 10 Years at Loudwire Live 2018 -- see the pics here.

It's always great having 10 Years in town, especially on occasions like this. As always, the band brought it for their performance at Loudwire Live 2018. It's not very hard to see why they have such a strong following here in Flint-town. After their set, the band even found time to meet up and take some pics with some of our listeners. You can see the pics from the meet & greet below.

Don't get discouraged if you weren't one of our lucky meet & greet winners this year. We give away cool stuff all the time and all you have to do to be in the know is listen to the stationfollow us on social media, and visit the website from time to time. Hell, we even have a free app that makes it super easy for you to win. Good luck!

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