I can't think of anything in my life that I'm more ''love-hate'' with than Facebook.  It constantly finds new ways to piss me off, but I'm constantly on it.  It's a vicious cycle, but hopefully after some people read my list on the most annoying things people do on Facebook, maybe it'll stop sucking so bad.

Number Five: Being Overly Political


Don't get me wrong, there needs to be a discussion about politics, but facebook is not the place to do it.  First of all, regardless where you stand on the political scale, odds are half of your friends are on the complete opposite side.  People have had different experiences in life and a unique point of view, so don't act like your opinion is one size fits all.  Everybody doesn't feel the same way you do, and that's okay.

Second of all, most political postings on facebook are copy and pasted lies.  Just because you read it on the internet and it appeals to your perspective, doesn't make it true.  Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of it and both sides suck.

Number Four: Pretending It's Twitter


First of all, I just want to be clear, that I dig Twitter.  I have one, and I use it for all the normal Twitter stuff.   Hashtags, retweets, tweeting about the most mundane details about my life, all of that.  But I do it on Twitter.  I don't understand why people link to the two up, and I really don't understand why they want to play Twitter on Facebook.  Nothing is stupider than being on Facebook and seeing people using # like it's the subject line of their status.  # on Twitter is for searching, # on Facebook is for douchebags.

Number Three: Too Much Stuff About Your Kids


Kids are great and I'm glad you had them, but enough is enough.  I know having a baby is a big deal, but people don't need to be updated with nonstop stories, pictures, videos, and other crap about your crap machine.  I mean everybody you know was a kid at one point, so we all know about crawling, the last day of 2nd grade, and losing another tooth.  If you want to acknowledge your kid for something truly special, that's fine, but even if your kids are awesome, if they're all you post about, people hide you from their news feed.

Number Two: Depressing Statuses


Life is really hard sometimes. Complaining about it on Facebook does nothing.  Instead of looking for sympathy and attention, go do something about your problem.  I know that it feels good if somebody likes your status that says ''I feel invisible :( '' or "Why does everything bad happen to me? FML'' but all you're doing is publicly wallowing in your own depression.  Have some self respect, stand up, and change things.

Or if you are having a serious issue, go talk to somebody about it.  Mental health is very important and in all of my experiences with it, I have never heard of a mental health professional recommending you go look like a whiny little bitch in front of 748 online friends.

Number One: Invites to Games/Quizzes/Events/Groups/Ect.


Maybe it's because misery loves company, but for some reason, some people feel compelled to invite and include everyone in on everything.

  • Games-Words With Friends, Slingo, or even Poker on Facebook are okay if that's your thing, but I'll come play if I want to.  And when it comes to FarmVille, it blows my mind that adults play that game.  I mean honestly, don't you have to work? Or clean? Or something?
  • Events- Don't get me wrong, if there is something cool going on, people should know about it.  But let's make sure we know the difference between inviting people to something cool or inviting people to something stupid.  Also, let's be real about drive time, because if it takes me more than 45 minutes to get somewhere, I'm probably not going.
  • Groups-This just happened to me recently, where people added me to their group and I just started getting notifications about people I didn't know, posting in a group I didn't want to be a part of.  I felt violated.

I know Facebook is in the business of getting more clicks, so it makes sense for them to be so heavy with sending stuff out, but in my opinion it's the worst part about the experience.