Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I had some time off and decided to take the kids out to the movies and have to some on Saturday. We met up at my apartment and were just hanging out figuring out everything we wanted to do. Slowly we realized that the kids had forgotten all about us.

We were going through the standard line of questioning of what the kids wanted to do that day. My girlfriend and I were in the kitchen and asking the questions to the kids in the living room. At first they were all answering quickly but after a few minutes there was nothing. We walked into the living room and found them like this. Complete zombies attached to their electronics. They found my WiFi password and it was over.

Once we broke them free of the internet we went out and had some dinner and went to the movies. On the way home, they were starting to get anxious. When we pulled in to the apartment, they all bolted out the door to reconnect to the internet.

What the hell is the world coming to? Hopefully they will become rich software or game designers. As long as they take care of us in the future, I guess I'm okay it.

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