Before buying your child a new swimsuit this summer, aside from comfort, you should consider one important thing: the color.

Did you know that the color of your child's swimsuit could help save their life if they find themselves in a dangerous situation while swimming in a pool?

What Color Swimsuit Should You Avoid Buying for Your Child?

Swim instructors and parents around the country are urging other parents to not buy blue swimsuits this summer. When you think about it, their reason for this makes total sense. It's hard to believe we've waited this long to have the discussion.

When a child is wearing a total blue swimsuit, they blend in with the water and pool liner. If that child were to struggle and or start drowning, you may not notice them as quickly as you would if they were wearing a color that didn't blend in with the pool.

It's not that their swimsuit can't have any blue on it at all, just not solid blue. Even though the child in the photo below isn't wearing solid blue, he would be difficult to see as he really blends in with the water and pool liner.


In 2023 a swim instructor shared a TikTok video showing how difficult it is to see a child in a pool that was wearing a blue swimsuit. She also explained how it's even more difficult to see a child wearing blue while other kids are playing and splashing in the pool.

@gma A swim instructor in Florida took to social media to call attention to the dangers of blue swimsuits and how to keep kids safe in the pool this summer. #Swim#Safety#Swimsuits#Family#Children#Warning#Summer#Pools♬ original sound - Good Morning America

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