Man, there is nothing like the opening day of baseball.  The Tigers took care of business and started the season with a win, with many more to come this season.  Check out my top 5 reasons to be pumped for this baseball season.

Everybody is a fan on Opening Day, but this Tigers team should keep you cheering all season long, and here's the main reasons why.

Number 5: Jim Leyland




Jimmy "Smokes" is one of the better skippers in MLB right now, and I think he's wise enough to know that this team offers one of his best shots at another hoisting of the World Series Trophy.  The dude has a knack for helping players maximize their potential, and with the talent he has on this team, that's a lot of potential.


Number 4: Easy To Win American League Central



I'm going to be shocked if somebody even contends with the Tigers when it comes to being AL Central champs.  The White Sox are going to be at the bottom of the league, The Royals are young with no pitching, The Twins are depending on Joe Mauer's health, and The Indians are from Cleveland.  I see the Tigers being the first team in baseball to wrap up their division.


Number 3: Big Bats




The Tigers are here to swing.  Miguel Cabrera is arguably the best hitter in baseball, and if he's not #1, he's #2 unquestionably.  Miggy has hit over 30 homers in 6 of his 8 pro seasons, with a lifetime batting average of .314.  He's also seen his strike out percentage drop each of the past 3 years.  The pick up of slugger Prince Feilder makes the most powerful 3-4 in baseball, even in if it cost $214 million.  If Brennan Boesch can up his HR count to 20 this year, there will be 5 Tigers with 20+ HR potential in the line up.  Be pumped for the Big Bats people.


Number 2: Justin Verlander




Make no mistake about it, JV is the best pitcher in the game.  Last year he proved it, winning both the Cy Young and MVP.  Verlander looked in mid-season form on Opening Day and the fate of the team sits heavier on his shoulders than anyone else.  Looking back at last year,  the dude was just unreal.  His ERA, the no hitters, the wins, and the 14 strikeouts in one game, it was all awesome.  This year, he seems focused and ready to lead his team.



Number 1: This Team Is  Built To Win It All




I don't want to say that you just get that feeling sometimes, but sometimes, you just get that feeling, and a lot of Tigers fans have it.  I think the Tigers have one of the top rotations in MLB, with JV, Fister, Scherzer, Porcello, and Smyly.  Coke coming out of the bullpen should help him bounce back and Ververde is trying to exceed his already high expectations.   I've already alluded to the offensive firepower on our bench and the Tigers are a really deep, flexible team, headed up by one of the best mangers in baseball.  I think the Tigers are the real deal, and hopefully, this summer, they'll prove me right.

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