Five Finger Death Punch have been working hard on the new album over the past few months, in fact, the last report was that they already had 9 songs completed. That's swift movement for a band who fired bass player Matt Snell in December and had not replaced him...until now.

Five Finger Death Punch announced yesterday that the search for a replacement was over, and that Chris Kael would be taking over as the band's bassist. The guys in FFDP are excited for fans to hear the new bassist and added:

"You’ll have the chance to see him this summer. It’s time to get this ball rolling and get back on the road  we can’t wait to hit it."

The old band members the only ones excited, Kentucky native Chris Kael said of landing the new gig:

"Never give up on your dreams. I’m living proof that, with hard work and a little bit of luck, they can come true."

Former bassist Matt Snell was let go for unspecified reasons; which guitarist Zoltan Bathory confirmed saying:

"Yes, he was fired. We have a contract with Matt and it says I can’t tell you anything that would hurt his career if he goes any further."

He has also said in a separate interview that Snell was not a "writing member" of the band. Five Finger is still in the studio with producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne's 'Scream'), and are reportedly putting the finishing touches on their third full length album. There is a tentative release date of early September for the still untitled follow up to 2009's 'War is the Answer' (also produced by Churko).