Stealing stuff from people is terrible, but stealing someone's growing operation is inexcusable.  Check out the details in "The Case of the Missing Pot Lights."

Thanks to Michigan's medical marijuana policy, it's okay for stoners to call the police and tell them their growing operation just got ripped off.  Which is exactly what happened to one Flint resident, this past Monday 7/16. The crime happened on Boston Avenue, which is close to both Miller Road and Kettering University.

The victim told police that a burglar broke into his house around 4:20 a.m. by pushing in the air conditioner and crawling through a window.  Along with 5 grow hoods and 2 light set ups, computers, televisions, and other electronics were reported stolen.

I have to assume that if there was a grow set up, there had to be weed somewhere in that house.  No reports indicate any missing marijuana.