The City of Flint is looking to up the penalties for illegal street racing in the city.

Illegal street racing in Flint has always been a popular thing. I have personally been to several spots in town to check them out. While exciting, they are still illegal and growing due to the streets being a little more empty because of the pandemic. Now, the City of Flint is working to tighten up the laws when it comes to street racing.

Now it’s becoming very, very, very big public nuisance where it becomes troublesome. They put peoples’ lives in harm’s way, and we want to stop that now...said Mayor Sheldon Neeley.

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What has the City of Flint done so far to try and curb the races?

One of the big problems with the races is that it sees drivers speeding through areas with pedestrians and children present. So far, traffic stops, speed bumps, and even impounding vehicles have been some of the methods used to curtail the racing.

What will the revisions to the law bring?

The changes will allow the city to impound and seize vehicles. In turn, they will be able to recoup costs with towing and storage costs and the cost of prosecuting the case.

We may not get the person who was operating that vehicle, but we will separate that vehicle from whomever was using that vehicle at that particular time...This gives us the ability to be able to engage and go after the tool that was used to violate the law...said Mayor Neeley.

Hopefully, there will be a way to facilitate both sides of the aisle on this one. I totally understand that this is a danger to many people. However, I also know many people that don't plan on stopping. Let's hope a solution can be found.

Source: ABC 12

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