Times are tough in Flint, and if emergency manager, Mike Brown has his way, they may be even tougher.  Check out details on his new budget that includes more money out of citizens pockets, and layoffs of police and firemen.


I'm not big into politics, but the new budget proposed by Flint emergency manager, is well worth talking about.  Residents of Flint can expect higher fees when it comes to home owners, and less public protectors on the street.


The budget combines both new revenues and cutting spending, but both avenues are costly for the residents of Flint.  Property owning residents will have to pay an extra $143 a year for trash removal, an extra $100 a year for street lights, and a 25 percent increase in water and sewer rates.  Also, as a part of the budget, the city will let go of apporximately 20 percent of it's workforce.  which amounts to almost 150 workers.  Within those 150 workers, it's been estimated 19 police officers and 62 fire fighters will be cut, along with the closing of 2 fire stations. Workers that retain their jobs can look forward to reduced wages, benefits, and hours from the city.


The man behind the budget, emergency manager, Mike Brown says that the budget is "realistically balanced" to get Flint back on track.  Brown was quoted,

If the city government of Flint is to be a positive force in making Flint a safe and attractive place for residents, businesses, and visitors, it must have its own house in order.  It cannot teeter on the edge of financial insolvency and hope to lead the way.


Flint does need to get it's act together, and I understand that you have to bring in new money, or reduce spending to do that.  I just wonder if cutting public service is the way to do it.  Flint is already known as Murder-Town USA, and getting rid of cops isn't going to help that.  Fire Fighters in the city are overwhelmed as it is, and you have to wonder what the real cost is of cutting more of them.  Paying the fees suck, and I know a lot of people in Flint are going to struggle with the cost, but more so than anything I'm worried about the safety of the city.


Source: MLive.com

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