Spoiler alert - everything on the internet is not real.

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Just because someone (maybe even you) shares a thought or a news article on social media, does not make it true. That being said, a new study by Pew Research Center determined that persons 30 years of age and under in the United States now trust information from social media almost as much as national news outlets.

A deeper dive into the study reveals which conspiracy theories Michigan residents believe to be true. To determine this data, Bonus Finder surveyed just over 3000 people (age 18 and over) from the United States about their social media behavior and practices including the following criteria,

  • Ability to catch fake news
  • Which politicians and celebrities do they trust the least
  • Which social media conspiracy theories do they believe in
  • Respondents were split by age, gender, state, and city they live in

Here are the most believed conspiracy theories in Michigan.

1. Princess Diana's death was not an accident.

2. Area 51 in Nevada is used by the United States government to study extraterrestrials and UFOs.

3. Bigfoot does indeed exist (check out this Michigan sighting).

4. The 2020 presidential election was rigged.

Additional findings include that one in three Michigan residents believe they are able to recognize real news from fake information.

You may not believe in any of the above conspiracy theories, or maybe you believe all of them. The bottom line is we have to agree to disagree on social media in a dignified manner.

Much easier said than done.

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