For longer than I can to remember, our city has become increasingly more like the ultra-violent video game 'Grand Theft Auto' (aside from the fact that Liberty City definitely has more than two police on duty). Now, much like in the game, Flint has its very own interactive map, but this one tracks homicide activity in the county for the year.

With the new 2012 Genesee County Interactive Homicide Map, citizens can see where murders have taken place and, I'm assuming because this is what I did, see how far their home is from the "danger zone." Pretty sad that it's come to this, so much murder in the city that there is a need for a map.

Yeah, I jokingly compared the "F-L-I" to GTA -- not very tasteful. But neither is the way these problems are being "dealt with." Seriously, can we please get some damn police presence in this town and re-open the city jail? Or are we trying to go for the three-peat by topping the most dangerous U.S. cities list again next year?

View 2012 Genesee County Homicides in a larger map

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