A Michigan man is extremely happy today after being released from prison after serving 23 years for selling three pounds of marijuana to an undercover informant in December 1994 (convicted in 96). A crime that is no longer illegal today.

Flint Native Michael Thompson was serving a 42 to 62-year sentence. Let that sink in for a minute, the 69-year-old wasn't eligible for parole until he was 87. Just think about all the time and money wasted on this.

According to MLive, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer granted Thompson and three others clemency on Dec. 22. All three were released from prison this morning at 8 am.

Michael Thompson:

I feel good. Twenty-five years is a long time.


I just hope somebody who can hear that’s dealing with prison reform can hear me and let them know that a lot of things need to be done because -- those guys are human beings and the way they’re treating them is not good, and hopefully, prison reform will help them.

You may not be a fan of Whitmer but you have to appreciate that she understands how important it is to push for a smarter and more equitable justice system.

When Thompson was released today he was greeted by his daughters and granddaughter. It was a special moment because he had never met his 9-year-old grandaughter.

I'm sure there are so many cases just like this that deserve to see the light of day. No one should be serving a marijuana prison sentence, it's ridiculous.

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