Get ready to hear your kids yell "Mom! Another severed finger came out of the faucet!" That's right, people. By mid-April the water that comes out of your tap will be coming from the Flint River, which is now mostly used for body-dumping.

We kid about the "body-dumping" (sort of), but Flint will soon regain control of the water supply by using the Flint River as its source instead of Lake Huron (via Detroit). According to ABC-12, the current setup costs the city about $12 million annually.

Flint and several other communities also have a plan in place to get their water from Lake Huron via a new pipeline that is being built. However, it will not be ready until 2016. So, in the meantime, the gorgeous and completely safe waters of the Flint River will be pumping through your shower heads and faucets. This whole thing brings to mind a certain Flint-Based video game we made up one time.