A student at Eagles Nest Academy in Flint reportedly brought a loaded gun to school yesterday.

The unidentified 10-year-old allegedly told classmates about the gun. One of the students he told was somehow able to get the gun, and turn it over to administrators. Police where then notified. The school was locked down and the male student was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon on school property and felonious assault.

You know what is really sad - this does not surprise me. Seeing a headline like this has become all too common. I am so thankful no one was hurt. As for the student who brought the gun, he is being held at Genesee Valley Regional Center. Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton is reviewing the case to see if charges will be filed.

I don't have kids, but home schooling doesn't sound like too bad of an idea anymore. What are your thoughts?