As if the Flint area hasn't had enough problems to deal with the past few years, now we're ranked in the top 50 mosquito cities... but not as high as Detroit.

Everyone around here knows that the mosquito situation is not ideal in the summertime, but I'll bet you had no idea we're among the worst. Despite being pretty low on the top 50 list and being lumped in with the tri-cities (Bay City, Saginaw, Midland), hearing that we're among the 50 worst in the country is still a kick in the nuts. On top of all the other BS that comes with living in this area, you mean to tell me that we're worse off in that department too? Damn, when's Flint going to catch a break? Detroit, on the other hand, fared much worse.

Here's a brief rundown of cities that made the list according to Yahoo Finance:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Chicago
  4. New York
  5. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  6. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
  7. Houston
  8. Detroit  
  9. Charlotte, NC
  10. Nashville, TN

  46.  Flint, Saginaw, Bay City

Mosquito problems used to be a "deal with it" type of problem, but thanks to the Zika virus it's gone from a minor annoyance to legitimate health concern. Since 2015, there have been more than 5,000 confirmed cases of the Zika virus in the United States. Thanks to the "science is an opinion" attitude in the country at the moment, it's a problem that is likely going to get worse before it gets better.

Since there is not currently a treatment, cure, or vaccine for Zika, you may want to consider risk reduction in your yard and home. There are several area professionals that can treat your lawn for mosquitoes, and there are also a number of steps you can take on your own, as detailed in the video below.

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