This is a pretty hot topic right now because everybody has their own opinion on whether or not employers should be allowed to fire employees over the COIVD-19 Vaccine.

A woman from Flint says that she recently lost her job at Precision Instruments in Grand Blanc after she refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Apparently, back in mid-April, she was told that employees would not be allowed in the building until they get vaccinated.

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Why doesn't she simply get vaccinated?

Sometimes it's not as simple as just going out and getting vaccinated especially for those that don't feel comfortable getting the vaccine. That's exactly what is happening here with this woman. She said she just doesn't feel like it's safe to get it just yet.

This single mother of two talked with ABC 12 about her situation:

They’re telling me that I technically quit because I didn’t fulfill the requirements of the job. So I forfeited my job by not getting the shot and I had to go through DHS to try to get food assistance to feed me and my kids, and that was a hassle also because my job was telling them that I was still employed two or three weeks after the locking out of the building.

Because of her decision, she no longer has a job and can't pay her bills.

My opinion:

Personally, if it were me and my livelihood was on the line and there was a chance that I couldn't feed my family, I'd get the freaking shot. Now, this is easy for me to say because I wasn't hesitant about getting vaccinated and feel it's safe. I understand that's not the case for everyone but with so much at stake, it's probably in her best interest to get the shot.

The good thing for this woman is that there's a lot of people hiring right now. Not only hiring but also offering great incentives.

And yes, your employer can fire you for not getting vaccinated.

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