We know that Flint isn't exactly a dream vacation these days, but we can't believe how affordable our priciest Airbnb rental is. 

Some apps and online services that are a big deal in larger cities aren't even a blip on the radar here in Flint. For example, even relatively new restaurants in New York have hundreds of Yelp reviews, whereas you're lucky to find a couple dozen for even the most popular Flint eateries.

Another of those popular online services that is not a big hitter in Flint is Airbnb. The popular website allows you to rent accommodations directly from regular folks who converted their basement into a makeshift apartment in hopes of making some extra income, and has replaced hotels altogether for many.

Travel hotspots like Chi-Town and The Big Apple boast well over 300 available options within city limits, while Flint has a more more modest selection of options... like, 3 options. Roughly all of those option are in the same price range, with the lowest being available for $30/night, and the deluxe option clocking in at a whopping $45 big ones.

Daugherty Place, a garage loft located in the historic Mott Park neighborhood, is the aforementioned deluxe option. For $45/night, you get a cozy 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment for roughly the same price you'd pay for a night at the old Crank's Motel. Amenities include a kitchen, air conditioning, and free wireless internet, pets are allowed, and the only rule is that you "respect the place and treat it gently." Honestly, this kind of luxury would cost you some serious coin in a bigger city. You can check out the digs in the gallery below.