The latest names being tossed together in the supergroup rumor mill include members of Foo Fighters and British rock group The Darkness.

Tabloids are never a reliable source of news. This latest rumor from British tabloid 'The Star' seems so unusual it may actually be true. Reportedly The Darkness' manager Mads Langer told 'The Star' of her former fiancee and Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins:

"Justin's more musically varied than people give him credit for. We often talk about forming a band with me singing, Justin playing guitar and Taylor [Hawkins, no relation] on drums."

Names aside, The Hawkinses seem like an unlikely pairing, but the two do share some common ground - both of them struggled with addiction in the past, both enjoy making ridiculous music videos, and both have a healthy appreciation for 70's rock groups like Queen and Led Zeppelin.

If a collaboration ever does come to be, it is most likely years from happening. Taylor is currently on tour with Foo Fighters in support of their recent album 'Wasting Light', while Justin is recording the third album with The Darkness -- who are best known in the U.S. for their 2003 hit 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love'.