The campaign trail continues as we get closer to the election.

Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden will be in Michigan today for some visits and remarks. VP Biden will be making his way to Southfield this afternoon to deliver remarks on protecting and expanding access to affordable health care. This particular event is set to begin at 2:30 pm.

After his stop in Southfield, former Vice President Biden will make his way to the Detroit area. His second event of the day is an event that aims to urge Michiganders to vote early in person at their local clerk's office. Voters can also track down and use satellite voting centers. This event will begin roughly around 6:20 pm this evening.

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Former VP Biden's visit comes just one day ahead of President Trump's visit to Michigan. President Trump will deliver remarks on supporting law enforcement at his stop in Muskegon. The President will speak at Muskegon FlyBy Air at 5 pm. Doors for this event will open up at 2 pm. Those wishing to attend can register here for tickets. 

As I have said before, who you are voting for and why is none of my business. The only thing that is important to me is that you do research for yourself and vote in a way that is right for you and your family.


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