I am in constant contact with Tony LaBrie after work hours. Our after work conversations consist of a new idea or a new fun promotional thought for the radio station. It is more often than not we text in regards to Chris Monroe and what he forgot to do! If we lived in France, this would be illegal. French bosses are not allowed to contact employees after work hours.

Already the French work only 35 hours a week, and employees are entitled to six week paid vacations. Can you imagine? A country where rest and relaxation are encouraged? There are some instances where extra work time is acceptable, but employees are encouraged to unplug and stop being permanently at work. It sounds unreal to most of us Americans. We are pushed and pulled in so many directions and expected to always be in work in mode. I don't think we know how to completely relax.

Are you contacted around the clock by your boss, or are you the boss driving your staff nuts with constant calls, texts and emails? What do you think about the French law?

Now get back to work!

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