It appears that it's last call for Frequency 54 fans as the band will end their 12 year run after their next live gig. We have the scoop on the break up and all the details on your last chance to see the band perform live.

Local rock band Frequency 54 has enjoyed varying degrees of success over the course of their career. Their latest album's single 'Last Call' even got them national attention and broke into the Billboard charts. Members of the 'Freq Nation', as their fans refer to themselves, got some bad news today via the band's Facebook page; Frequency 54 is playing their last show ever this Saturday. Of course a statement like that without an explanation raised a lot of questions, singer Justin Rose responded with a letter to the fans:

"I (Justin Rose) Started Frequency 54 Almost 12 Years ago.. It has been the focus of my life. I have put it above Everything. In those 12 years We have recorded 5 Cd's, Toured the country, We have had 2 songs break the Billboard top 100 for ...the country Been signed to 2 different record labels and have met amazing people around the country. Friendships that have been forged from the music and shows from this band will last forever. This band is not a failure. This band is one of the greatest triumphs in my life... BUT.. The greatest thing I have achieved in my life above all is my wife and children. I have come to realize that family is more important than touring.. More important than "Making it big" and More important than Money.. I need to be home for my kids. That is why this band is ending. No other reason. I will continue to release solo music and play around the area. I look forward to the new chapter in my life and look forward to your continued support in the music I write. I love and respect all of you and I can never express how much I appreciate the support we have been given. I love you all very much. I hope to see you all soon! Justin Rose..."

Justin recently recorded the song 'Sell Out Heaven Today' in honor of the recently passed Joan Red vocalist and friend of the band Anthony Basurto. Rose also reassured fans that this is not the end of his music career:

"I will be continuing my solo project and will be pushing music nationally to movies, tv shows and playing lots locally".

The rest of the band also spoke up about the split saying:

"Just to let everyone know why we are coming to an end is because Justin has decided to stay home with his family & not tour anymore & feel it wouldn't be right to go on without him."

Frequency 54's last show ever is this Saturday, June 25th @ Mo Doggies Bar and Grill. You can get in for $5, Spiral Crush and Zen will be opening the show.