We've made it to Friday which means Joe was in the hot seat this morning for Dumber than the Show Trivia. The pot was worth $200.

After a loss from Hot Wings a couple days ago, the pot reset to $100 yesterday and then $200 this morning. Joe took on the challenge, as he does every Friday, to compete against Brandon this morning.

The questions were:

  1. What motorcycle and car maker is also one of the most common last names in Japan?
  2. Who was the leader of France when they sold the United States the Louisana Purchase for 4 cents per acre?
  3. What is the electrical device, that is called a torch in England, called in America?
  4. Which of the following has the longest neck:
    1. Ostrich
    2. The Mute Swan
    3. Flamingo
  5. Late in the 19th century, this was established as the highest type of degree in American graduate schools?

Find out all the answers and who won below.