Michiganders are smart, creative, and fun (I'm definitely not biased). So, it's no wonder some of the best games were created right here in The Mitten State.

Was Euchre Invented in Michigan?

Despite the people of Michigan having a borderline unhealthy obsession with the game, it was likely not invented here. According to Euchre.com, the game can be traced back to Europe. It became popular in the states during the Civil War era.

Popular Games Invented in Michigan

  • Tee-Ball 
    • The beloved introduction to baseball for kiddos, dates back to 1956. While several individuals have been attributed as the "father" of the game, James Sacharski from Albion, MI, is credited with creating this sport specifically tailored for little ones.
  • Scratch-offs
    • Revolutionized the world of gaming, were pioneered by John Koza, a graduate of the University of Michigan. While lottery tickets existed prior to Koza, they lacked the instant gratification of today's scratch-offs. Koza's innovation eliminated the waiting game, allowing players to instantly discover if they were winners.
  • Snowboarding
    • Snowboarding traces its origins back to 1965 in Muskegon, MI, where engineer Sherman Poppen innovatively combined a pair of skis to craft a makeshift board for his daughter.
  • Flinch 
    • Back in 1898, Kalamazoo's Arthur Patterson invented the game while working at Beecher and Kymer stationary store while shuffling cards. He started making and selling it right there from the stationary office. Fast forward five years, and Patterson's game, Flinch, was flying off the shelves nationwide, selling almost 8 million copies by 1936.
  • Computer Gaming
    • Computer games have their roots in Michigan, invented by Sid Meier, another alum of the University of Michigan. Meier embarked on this journey in the 1950s, and his contributions continue to shape the gaming landscape to this day. Since, all sorts of games have been invented and preserved by UofM students.

Here are some other Michigan-inventions:

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