Full disclosure, I don't cook on a gas grill or charcoal grill. That is because I don't cook period. Wah Wah. I really do know how to cook, but not on a grill. I can't be trusted. Tequila, me and hot cooking surfaces - not a good combination.

I have no preference for one or the other taste wise. Beggars can't be choosers right? If I am not grilling, I am not bitching. That being said, many of you do prefer one or the other. I do like that 'flame broiled taste' from a charcoal grill, but have no problem eating a burger cooked on a gas grill. The only thing I am picky about is tequila (no yellow, only blanco). Why does everything with me lead back to tequila?

With the holiday weekend upon us, a lot of you will be grilling.  Are you a die hard charcoal gal or guy, or do you prefer a gas grill? If you are like me and just show up at the party, and don't have to cook - bring booze. All good party guests bring booze, the more you know.




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