This is certainly a story this baby will hear for the rest of his life.

A typical gender reveal party consists of popping a balloon or cutting into a cake. Not this stunt. According to reports, the tires had been injected with blue dye. After the car was driven approximately 100 meters, the man behind the wheel did a burn out and the car erupted in flames. Luckily, onlookers were able to pull out the 29-year-old male driver. He was charged a $1,000 fine and barred from driving for six months. Remember that next time someone asks you to help reveal the sex of a baby.

I have never been to a gender reveal party, and I most certainly will NOT be having one of my own. I do know this, if you are having one and plan on inviting me - make a pink or blue Jell-O shot. You are welcome.

For a more in depth look at this story, see the video below.

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