It seems like every time you turn on the local news, there is another story about dog fighting in Flint.  Now neighbors and citizens who suspect animal abuse can contact officials and remain anonymous, thanks the Genesee County Animal Control Department Hotline.


It was horrifying to the see the pictures of not one, but two illegal dog-fighting rings that were broken up by Flint police in the past two months.  Now people who suspect animal abuse or dog fighting have a way to notify police with out revealing their identity.  The Genesee County Animal Control Hotline can be reached at 810-257-3572 and can be used to report cases of dog fighting, animal abuse, or animal neglect.

Local authorities are optimistic that the hotline will be effective and stress that the problem of dog-fighting is very serious in Genesee County.  The hotline advises people to leave tips and information, and also reminds people to call police if they witness an illegal activity in progress.

Animal abuse is terrible, and if you have any information, or even a suspicion, it's better to be safe than sorry.  Again, the number is 810-257-3572 and you do NOT have to reveal your identity.