The Genesee County Landbank is warning Flint residents about a scammer out mowing lawns in the area.

The reports started to come in early this week about a guy showing up to houses in Flint with a wagon full of tools and a lawn mower. The man reportedly starts to mow the lawn, then tells the property owner that he is from the land bank, and that they owe him $20. If the owner refuses to pay, the man tells them that the fee will be added to their taxes with penalties.

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The Genesee County Landbank is warning residents that this man is not affiliated with the land bank in any way, and that you should not pay him.

The land bank is asking anyone that runs into the mowing scammer to contact Flint Police by calling 9-1-1.

I know that this is a scam, but really $20 isn't a bad price to pay for the guy to mow your lawn. I'm not advocating that anyone intentionally fall for the scam, but maybe tell the guy that you know he's not affiliated with the land bank, but offer him $20 to just mow.

I'm assuming the guy isn't dangerous or anything here, so if you were to get a danger vibe, then you should definitely just call the police.

On the completely opposite side of the coin, the Genesee County Landbank is actually looking to hire workers right now. The ironic thing is that one of the jobs they are looking to fill is a mowing position. You can apply for that or any of the other land bank jobs by clicking on the Facebook link below.


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