Residents in Royal Oak and Ann Arbor are being encouraged to not mow their lawns throughout the entire month of May.

Both cities are taking part in 'No Mow May,' the pro-pollinator initiative that promotes growth in habitats favored by the bugs.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, The Royal Oak Commission was encouraged by a group called the Bee Tweens - a collection of middle school students who live in the city and are passionate about protecting the environment.

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It might seem like a strange request to ask residents not to mow their grass but it is for a good cause. With 'No Mow May,' residents can help reduce greenhouse emissions, create less sound pollution, help bees get an early-season boost, save time and energy, and create a healthier lawn.

While all those things are important, for many, it's tough to let your grass go. It drives me nuts when my yard isn't looking top-notch, yes, I've turned into "that guy." There's just no way I could not cut my grass for an entire month.

Of course, Royal Oak and Ann Arbor aren't making 'No Mow May' mandatory for residents. If you want to participate it's completely voluntary. Technically, you could participate regardless if you live in Ann Arbor or Royal Oak. Your neighbors will just wonder why your lawn looks like garbage.

If you do live in Royal Oak or Ann Arbor, lawn signs are available to promote your participation in 'No Mow May.'

What I like best about this, is the passion these young kids have for the environment.

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