Officials at the Genesee County Parks issued a scam alert this week over a phony Facebook page trying to over charge visitors for the Christmas at Crossroads drive through event.

This is normally the time of year when Crossroads Village becomes a Christmas wonderland, with more than one million twinkling lights. Christmas at Crossroads is one of my favorite celebrations of the season, and my family goes every year. This year things are obviously different due to the pandemic, with the village being a drive thru experience only.

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Anytime there are big changes to a tradition, it seems like there is someone out there trying to take advantage of it. Michigan AG Dana Nessel warned about online scams being at an all time high this year, and Crossroads is dealing with one right now. Park officials called out the scam on their Facebook page Monday night.


The Christmas at Crossroads Holiday Magic Drive Thru is in fact going on right now, but it does not cost $25. This page is trying to get residents to pre-buy their tickets, but tickets are actually purchased at the gate. Tickets are only $10 per car load when you go, but park officials are asking for no busses.

The event runs through the following weekend dates:

December 4-7, 11-14, 17-24, 26-30

If you've never been to Christmas at Crossroads, you're missing out on one of Genesee County's real gems. I know the drive thru event isn't quite the same as being in the village, but at least it helps families continue the tradition of going.


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