The Genesee County Parks are hoping you will help guide the future of Flint's Riverbank Park and Chevy Commons.

I've always felt like the Riverbank Park in Downtown Flint is one of the most under appreciated places in Flint. The Chevy Commons have been in a state of renovation over the last decade, and it has become much more user friendly.

The best part about the constant improvement happening in these spaces in Flint, is that we have the ability to weigh in on them.

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If you've never strolled through the Riverbank Park in Flint, you really should spend an afternoon walking around. The architecture alone is worth the visit, but there are also a number of events that happen throughout the year. The park features a really cool amphitheater just outside of the U of M Flint dorms downtown. I've been to a few different concerts there, and the vibe is so unique that it just adds to whoever is performing.

The Chevy Commons is slowly transitioning into a great outdoor space for everyone to use. What once was an industrial park, is now an open green space where the possibilities are endless. I recently kayaked through the commons and it was such a cool way to see the area from a new perspective.

There is a virtual public engagement session where you can weigh in on the future of these areas. It is happening on November 4th, at 6pm and you can attend by emailing and registering.

If you are not available during that time, you can take the survey here. There will be some additional meetings in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

Check out a few pictures below from my kayak trip through Chevy Commons and a glow event at the Riverbank Park.

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